How to be an HR Professional from an MBA fresher?

Govind Negi

Senior HR Professional

Students who are studying and doing their Master degree in Human Resource they should know what are the things they need to learn and how they are going to move and grow step by step by step in this field. There is no shortcut of becoming HR Professional from an MBA Fresher, it is not a very easy kind of job, Human Resource Professionals playing Strategic Partner role in the organization these days. Students has to put efforts from the beginning of their career infact they should start doing it itself from when they are doing their masters.

Whenevr students start their MBA Program they should pay attention to Guest Lectures and practical training given by senior HR Professionals other than their academics. They should approach senior professionals and try to get a mentor who can guide them how to move better in their career.

From the initial stage, students start focusing on salary part rather than paying attention to the company who are offering them job and kind of role and assignments they are giving to them. Being focused more on money than the job and the responsibilities it entails can prove costly in the long run. In the starting of their career, they should pay attention to their work, kind of assigments they are getting and they should try to get as much as knowldge about HR Field.

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