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Why to outsource HR processes?

In today’s context of heightened global competition, diverse workforce and operating margins, Human Resources function needs to have a strategic focus in delivering tangible value to the Business. Currently (on an average) 60 percent of HR department’s time, in most companies, is spent on administration, 30 percent on consulting, and just 10 percent on strategy. By outsourcing the day-to-day HR administrative functions, companies can use their valuable resource more rationally.

We help organizations by looking after their HR processes and let them focus on strategic part. An organization can choose to outsource a specific or whole function of HR.

We are expert in looking after following HR functions:

  • HR Operations
    • Complete Employee Life Cycle Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Statutory Compliance
  • HRD
  • HR MIS and Aanalytic

HR Operations Management

Employee Life Cycle Activities
Pre Joining Formalities Generating appointment/contract letters along with salary breakup based on information received from recruiter.
Sending appointment letter to candidate and communicate.
Information to all support functions to ensure necessary arrangement before employee joining.
Joining Formalities Induction and On Boarding formalities
Bank Account Opening, Company go around, Personnel File completeness.
Confirmation/ Contract Extension Process Sending employee confirmation/ contract extension request to managers
Issuing confirmation/ contract extension letter based manager feedback
Taking confirmation/ contract extension acknowledgement from employees and updating records
Letter Issuance Issuance of various letters like change in designation, transfer, address proof or any other.
Attendance and Leave Managing attendance on daily basis
Processing attendance by the end of the month for payroll based on company policies.
Managing leave master
Insurance Managing Medical insurance
Managing Accident insurance
Managing GTL insurance
Exit Process Speaking with employee and manager just after receipt of resignation
Efforts to retain employee based on manager feedback
Completing no dues or other formalities
Processing Full & Final and issuance of relieving and experience letter.


Payroll Management

Payroll Management Activities
Salary Processing Preparing salary sheet of employees based on inputs received from client.
Maintaining all required registers pertaining to payroll processing
Sending Salary Slips to Employees.
Handling employees’ queries/ grievances.
Income Tax Coordination with employees for tax declaration.
Calculating Employees tax liability and deducting the same
Suggesting policies and Compensation structure to minimize employee tax liability.


Reimbursement Management

Reimbursement Mgmt Activities
Reimbursement Process Collecting Claims-Mobile, Local Conveyance, Travel, any other
Validating claims based on company reimbursement policy
Sending Transfer sheet to Finance to make transfer on pre defined date.
Maintaining record



Statutory Compliance

Statutory Compliance Activities
PF Allocation of PF number on online site based on information received from employee.
Preparation and submission of monthly challan and return
Maintaining other Registers as per Act eg. Eligibility Master
Handling PF inspections as and when required
ESI Taking ESI Number and issuance of ESI Card.
Preparation of Monthly ESI Challan
Coordination with ESI Officer in case an employee requires health benefits.
Participating in ESI inspections as and when required.
Bonus/Minimum Wages/Maternity Act, Shop and Establishment, LWF, P Tax Etc Ensuring adherence with respect to these laws
Maintaining Files and Registers
Personnel File Mgmt Managing Personnel File of Employees
Disciplinary Issues Issuing Letters
Taking Action after discussion with Managers


HRD (Human Resource Development)


HRD Activities


Evaluating employees on performance parameters
Publishing performance sheet and annual reviews
Communication post appraisals.
HR Open House
Skip Level Meet
Fun Activities eg Games, Competition Celebration etc
Reward and Recognition
Employee Engagement Activities Including Employee Engagement Survey



HR MIS and Analytic


HRMIS & HR Analytic Activities
MIS Reports MIS Reports (Attrition Analysis, Manpower and other Cost related MIS)


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