Full Version: The Opportunist Entrepreneur
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You can find basket full of articles and write ups and Bags full of Courses offered by Professional Institutes on Entrepreneurship. Here I will share some insight on how people turned into an Entrepreneur just by clicking the opportunity at right time.

Guys, Entrepreneurship needs a lot of courage and lot of money too. Many people having courage and money also fail just because they could not capitlize the opportunity on time. Many people who have courage, money and timing to catch the opportunity also fail because they could not sustain to it. However, world is full of failures but is never empty with successful people. We are going to talk about one of the Entrepreneur who just clicked the opportunity on right time and now running his business swimmingly.

Recently, I was talking to Mr. Abhinandan Biswas, a working professional in the field of HR Compliance in New Delhi. His journey as Entrepreneur is quite inspiring and noteworthy. He popped up at a right place at right time to the client and proposed the quotation, he bagged the order and started his professional services. Since then he has not seen in the rear mirror and driving his car of professional services towards the highest destination he could get. Although, he did not have money to start his business or never planned to do, but he plucked the Cherry from the tree at a right time, and he is juicing it at full.

Though people will confirm it as Luck but it is certainly not as he was open to do the business if he gets the opportunity. There is a phrase in Indian languages, that If deity of Wealth is at your doorstep, you don't go to wash your forehead. He grabbed the opportunity with consciousness of his mind and heart. It was call taken by his mind and heart both.

Some people even fail to catch the opportunity due their illogical reasoning and inability to do not take the call at right time and opportunity slips from their hands. Entrepreneurship is all about keeping yourself open to all sides. Your mind, eyes, ear, mouth, hands and heart must be open to embrace any situation arises on the way. Never be afraid of taking the bold steps. Pablo Escobar (The deceased Drug Lord of Columbia during 90s) was also the Opportunist when he has to do the business. Although his business was not legal but his attitude while dealing with the situation is worth noticing and inspiring.

- Himanshu Desai (Corporate HR Professional)
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