Full Version: World Yoga day Special - Silence : The access to inner-self.
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Silence is the staircase to access the inner-self of a person. While climbing down the staircase, one will realize that the consciousness he is having is just a small part of intact consciousness which is vast than the universe.

There was one blind, dumb and deaf man. Another man, pitying to him said that he is disabled, can’t listen, can’t speak and can’t see. A friend of this disabled man standing next to the compassionate man said “For whom you are talking about, mine or yours?”. That compassionate man smiled and said “Can’t you understand that, amongst us three who has the most troubles?”

The friend of this disabled man clarifies, “You are not right. I know this man perfectly. He is not disabled. He feels no trouble. Yes, he can’t see outside, neither he can hear nor speak, but…”

But what ?, the compassionate man asked.

But he can connect himself with the God. He can speak with him and he can listen to him to.

God ? Where is the God ?

Ok. Lets accept that there is no god. But think again that the god whom we can’t see, this man has created his image and got reed of his disability with that. And not only that, he lived 50 years of his life by experiencing the god with him. This is not a small achievement. There is one rule of the nature. The man who fights with his troubles, faces the difficulties in his life, gets stronger and stronger every day. The physically strong man might be week inside but a sometimes, person having troubles physically is strong inside.

We can state the same for Realization of God. If we discard all other thoughts from our mind and focus on the strength of the Supreme power (Which people identify as God, Allah or Bhagwan) then there is no doubt that there is Supreme Power reigning us. If our consciousness accepts that there is god, then there is god. But if our consciousness does not accept the god, then you will not find God anywhere in the world no matter wherever you go. To find the inner-self, one must climb down the staircase of Silence and seek the consciousness. To climb down, one must disconnect himself with the outer world. Silence is the staircase to access the inner-self. When you go down one step, you will realize that the consciousness I am having is just a small part of my intact consciousness and there is vast universe to be explored further.

- Himanshu Desai (Corporate HR Professional)