Full Version: Sick leave
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Dear all,

i am hr manager and i have to frame leave policy for my organization in one week time.
pls help me to frame the policy.
My company comes under purview of Andhra pradesh shops and establishments act.
as per act 12 Sick leaves to be provided.
Can any one tell me who among the following is eligible for Sick leave .?
ESI menber( 20k gross salary) or non esi member( 30k salary)

Any full time employee who is in company's payroll will be eligible for the sick leave. for more detail please review
To start, what are the firm Canadian labour laws surrounding sick leave? The Canada Labour Code paid sick leave legislation outlines that team members who have been with a company for a minimum of three consecutive months are entitled to sick leave protection. This means that for up to (but not exceeding) 17 weeks of an illness-related absence, the employee is protected from dismissal, layoff, suspension, demotion, or discipline. You can get well while the coursework online is done by a trustworthy company.