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Why is behaviour important in the recruitment process?
Why is behaviour important in the recruitment process?

Have you ever considered the behavioural impact in your company? Often the areas of concern and challenge most important within a business are people and their behaviour, but manpower recruitment agency in india tend to focus on their team members ‘ personalities instead of their behaviour.

When looking at pre-employment testing, personality profiling has traditionally been chosen based on forms of behavioral assessment, and while insight into someone’s personality may be interesting, the fact that personality is static means that doing anything with that information is very difficult. However, behavior can change, but people tend to have dominant patterns of behavior. Simply put, personality is who we are intrinsically, while behavior is how we do something.

Behavior affects all aspects of our performance, from how we react to certain situations, how we handle feedback, and how we use our energy all day long. In order to succeed in different roles, you need different behaviors. Capable of understanding and identifying certain behavioral traits and combining them with the right job roles leads to increased productivity, performance, and ultimately satisfaction for both the employee and the employer.

It helps you to understand first what kind of behaviors would best suit your job role before you start the interview process. Key features to consider before and during the interview may include reviewing whether the candidate is process driven, or whether they like flexibility and options. You might want to review what drives them–is it accomplishment, opportunity to take over, or affiliation with the people around them? Other things may include reviewing if the candidate is looking for the big picture or are they focused on detail? Are they a problem solver-focused solution or more?

If you continue to hire people on the basis of their personality and experience that so many Corporate Training Company India are still doing, in six months ‘ time you may find yourself recruiting again for the same position. Whereas, you will see a difference throughout the business if you focus on building your team around their behaviors.

Your people and their dominant behaviors contribute to your business, and if they are a good behavioral fit for their role, it will drive productivity, performance, retention, and income increases, all of which are key to Corporate Training Company India when running (and growing) a healthy business.

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