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Training effectiveness
Skill assessments are one of the most essential ways of measuring training effectiveness. It's important to use visual confirmations to assess an employee's set of skills and performance before and after training.


Hello Sir/Madam,

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• Strategic organizational change into practice to enhance quality, productivity and employee satisfaction.
• Policy implementation
• Design Compensation and benefit packages.
• Sourcing in short span of time Professional & efficient recruitment panel on board
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• Back office/ front office: Support staff
• Quality & trained staff
• Third party payroll services
• Statutory & Labour laws compliance
• We Provides local trainers who can train their employees from ground level at their city.
• Online Training's
• Corporate Training's
• Certification course for Professionals
• Subject Expert trainers on board

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Our services: HR services  Labour Law Compliance  Training & Development  Temporary Staffing  Talent Acquisition

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I appreciate that you produced this wonderful article to help us get more knowledge about this topic. I know, it is not an easy task to write such a big article in one day, I've tried that and I've failed. But, here you are, trying the big task and finishing it off and getting good comments and ratings. That is one hell of a job done!
(07-11-2014, 11:18 PM)HR SUCCESS TALK Wrote: Hi,

I would like to share some more information i read some where :

Training effectiveness

1. What is training effectiveness?
Training effectiveness is to identify results of training process in organization.

2. Purpose of training effectiveness?
• Identify effectiveness of training programs implemented.
• Adjust training plans in next time.

3. How to measure effectiveness of training?

Level 1: Reaction
Measures satisfaction of participant with the program. Some factors can measure:
• Trainer.
• Course content.
• Objectives.
• Facilities and food etc
Methods can be completed participant feedback questionnaire, informal comments from participants, focus group sessions with participants…

Level 2: Learning

We measure changes in knowledge, skills, and attitudes after and before training.
Methods can be pre-test and post-test scores, on-the-job assessments, supervisor reports…

Level 3: Application and implementation

We measures changes behavior of trainer in on-the-job about application and implementation (measure the application of the learning in the work context).
Methods can be self-assessment questionnaire, on-the-job observation, reports from customers, peers and participant’s manager…

Level 4: Final results

This stage measure effectiveness of the program in terms of business objectives. We look at aspects such as increasing in productivity, decrease in defects, cycle time reduction, etc.
Methods can be financial reports, quality inspections…

Level 5: Return on Investment

It measure ROI of training.

4. Evaluation models of training effectiveness

• Kirkpatrick model.
• Warr’s ciro framework.
• Cipp model.
• Daniel stufflebaum model.
• Return on investment (ROI).


It’s really a nice and useful piece of info.I am satisfied that you simply shared this useful info with us.

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