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Share easy tips to download AOL desktop gold
AOL desktop Gold is one of the most admirable, efficient, and powerful tools, which is mainly used by all types of users. This tool is majorly used by the users for various purposes such as browsing, sending emails, and searching for information. I want to download AOL desktop gold software on my computer system for emailing purposes. Due to a lack of technical knowledge, I am facing difficulties to download AOL desktop Gold software. I don’t have much experience to download AOL desktop gold software correctly. Therefore, anyone can suggest the simple ways to download this software as soon as possible.
AOL Desktop Gold Download
You don’t need to become a computer techie to download AOL desktop gold for Windows. The process to install AOL desktop gold can be quite easy and simple if you know the complete steps by steps procedure.
With this approach, this write up is telling the simplest steps for all beginners who are looking for the way to get AOL desktop gold.
Get AOL Desktop Gold for Windows
Users are required to have a valid AOL membership first to start using the AOL services. If you’re thinking for a trial experiencing before making any subscription purchase, then you may do so with AOL trial membership.
1. Go to AOL Official page to create an account. This steps is only required if you don’t already have one. Else, you may prefer to directly sign in into your existing account using authorized username and password.
2. Now go to My benefit page under your username.
3. Under this menu, search for the AOL Gold and click on it to start downloading.
4. Once it gets completed, the installer file will get store in your computer’s documents or downloader folder unless you’ve assigned a particular folder name.
5. Now run the installer file to install AOL desktop gold on your computer.
Why I am unable to download AOL desktop gold software– Reasons
Users may get errors while trying to get AOL which is quite common and can be fixed. Here are the possible reasons for AOL desktop gold download fail:
• Your device doesn’t meet AOL requirements.
• The file you’ve downloaded is empty or corrupted.
• Your computer is showing the AOL error code 104.
• Your device is running older. Simply put, the window operating system is older and doesn’t comply with AOL software.
• Your computer contains infected files.
• Internet is not working. OR the internet speed is not adequate to complete AOL software download.
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