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How Employee Disengagement can affect an Organisation?
36% of employees who do not feel enabled are in the actively disengaged category. Within the group who do not feel enabled, approximately 33% are engaged—presenting a significant risk for organizations. This combination can lead to frustration and burnout that saps the energy of otherwise engaged employees.
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The consequences of employee disengagement are vulnerable to any organization and considered as an epidemic to the business enterprises. There is no denying that disengaged employees have a direct – and negative – impact on your business bottom line. There are a number of reasons that disengagement is costly. Disengagement or even lack of engagement kills morale, less productivity, affects customer/client relationships that leads to lost revenue, high turnover rate that add up to spiraling recruitment costs and excessive absenteeism. Overall, employee disengagement can drive down a business into slow and painful death. For better productivity, customer satisfaction, and profit, cultivating engaged and driven employees is a must. Disengagement is a drain on resources and time that can’t be allowed to fester in today’s economy for companies of all sizes. To help boost engagement in an organization, check out https://www.ezzely.com/ for great features fit to your employees! Learning how is quick and easy.
There is a major difference between engaged employees and those going through the motions. It all boils down to relationships and communication between managers and employees. If there's a lack of motivation and communication, engagement levels will suffer. If engagement levels suffer, your business will suffer.
We also belong to the hr industry and we know that how much performane of an employe is required to suceed in the organisation
What we do for client Benefits:
• Strategic organizational change into practice to enhance quality, productivity and employee satisfaction.
• Policy implementation
• Design Compensation and benefit packages.
• Sourcing in short span of time Professional & efficient recruitment panel on board
• Experts in networking & head-hunting
• On time Recruitment specially for unskilled category staff
• Back office/ front office: Support staff
• Quality & trained staff
• Third party payroll services
• Statutory & Labour laws compliance
• We Provides local trainers who can train their employees from ground level at their city.
• Online Training's
• Corporate Training's
• Certification course for Professionals
• Subject Expert trainers on board

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The engaged relationship improves customer service. Organizational Engagement help to improved performance and Engagement.

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