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Cheap and Best HR Automation Software
(29-03-2013, 08:56 PM)govindsinghnegi Wrote: Hi,

I am looking for cheap and best HR Software of my company with 1000 employees across india. Also looking for ESS feature.

I will strongly recommend you Titan HRMS .It is a complete package solution for payroll , HR and talent management and it also covers the features demanded by you. You can visit https://titanhrms.com to experience a free trial of this software .

This software is user friendly and flexible and it comes up with awesome services like

1)talent management
2) payroll management
3) employee self service
4)leaves and attendance management
5)employee management
6)accessibility through mobile devices
8)Report generation
9)Tracking of birthdays,work anniversaries , public holidays
10) Tax and loan management
11)data security and privacy
12)transparency and much more.
If you want any information about HR software then you can visit the website of Technology Counter. There you will find the detailed information about HR software with price details, features and reviews.
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(29-03-2013, 08:56 PM)govindsinghnegi Wrote: Hi,

I am looking for cheap and best HR Software of my company with 1000 employees across india. Also looking for ESS feature.

Hie Govind,

I would recommend please refer the below site it is cheap and best in terms of HR Automation Software.


Iftisam Mulani
Check out best HR Software at Technology Counter that meet your needs and choose the one that fits your ideal combination of price and utility.
HR software is mandatory to handle all operations and processes related to people without any hassles. But the software will not have a deep dive employee performance management system. In this new age of remote working, keeping employees engaged is highly significant to win the war for talents. Besides, engaged employees can help your company to weather any storm. Choosing an innovative Performance Management Software that can seamlessly integrate with your HR software is the right decision in 2021 and beyond. I would recommend Synergita, trailblazing performance management and engagement software, as it is cheap and the best in the industry.
If you are still looking for HR Management software, I will recommend you go with Technology Counter which is best online software recommendation platform where you can see a list of Best HR Management System. To know more visit: https://technologycounter.com/hr-software
There are a lot of HR tools for different reasons and functionality in the world. All they are spread all around the Internet. In any case, our team has made your searches for proper HR tools simpler and faster.

We are happy to introduce you to AwedusHR is working in the HRMS field since 2010. We have 65+ employees.

We provide the following features:

- Employees Management
- Recruitment Management
- Payroll Management
- Attendance Management
- Documents Management
- Appraisals Management
- Employee Self-Service

Our cloud-based HR management system makes it easy to manage your HR processes and complex functions seamlessly. The automated HR management software will be your one-stop solution assisting you in making meaningful HR decisions. For more information visit - https://www.awedus.com/awedushr

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