1. krishan December 13, 2017 11:30 am  Reply

    Dear Sir,

    good morning and have a good day ahead!!!!!!

    My name is krishan, and i have been working for a developers for last 7 years. i want to get info, about gratutity and notice time period in case of downsize manpower in real estate industry.

    as i mentioned early i am working in sales with a developers since jan 2011, in last months i recieved a mail by Hr abour downsize manpower, and mangement decided to discontinue your services and relieve you from official assignment and you are one month notice of time.

    i had asked to mangement for 3 months notice time or 3 months salary in lieu, management said no, i asking regularily to HR ABOUT MY GRATUTITY AMOUNT, but they are not responding.

    please guide me what should i do, how can i get juctice, where i should go for juctice….please help me sir,

    thanks & Regard


    • HR SUCCESS TALK December 17, 2017 3:43 pm  Reply

      Hi Krishan,

      Notice period pay should be as per your agreement with the employer (look at appointment letter).

      You are surely eligible for gratuity. As HR has refused to pay you the gratuity, it is the time to send them a formal letter through registered post asking them to pay gratuity. Let us know what they reply and no reply?

      • krishan December 20, 2017 8:51 am  Reply

        thanks sir,

  2. JOY CHAKRABORTY July 27, 2020 7:29 pm  Reply

    No company or any HR personnel can deny your monitory dues be it a part of your salary, leave encashment or statutory benefits like PF withdrawals or gratuity payouts or annual bonus. In-case you feel that you are a victim of such negligence on the part of the employer, then you have all the right to approach your regional labor court and lodge a complain. but before you complain just ensure that all your communications with the company regarding your request for paying you, your dues should be in email exchanges or letter sent to them with their due receipt and company seal. Even if you send your request by post and retain the speed post receipt, it deemed that the company has received your request which they cannot deny.

    Court will take action based on your written correspondence.

    However, please read your appointment letter very carefully as such documents are drafted only for the benefit of the company and seldom contain a word in favor of employee.

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