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About us

HR SUCCESS TALK is an 8 years old community of 1,00,000 HR professional and business leaders who come together to learn from each other and share talent and business related matters.

Our objective is to connect HR professionals across the world to make them a better professional every day. This platform shares ideas through social media and brings people together who have an interest in talent management, people management and organisational development practices. We share HR expertise, case studies and articles that trend globally.

Our learning ecosystem is built around our webinar, youTube Channel, HR Forum, Website, Blogs, Online assessments and Certifications with a strong presence in social media.

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We have also created a forum to discuss HR related matters where members can ask their queries and share information with others. With the help of this forum, members also get updated information about HR.

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  1. GANESH D MATE November 19, 2016 3:54 pm  Reply

    Respected Sir,
    I retired from Victory Precisions Pvt Ltd, Chakan MIDC, Pune on 31st Aug’16. I joined this company on 12th Feb, 2011 i.e at the age of 59 years ( My DOB= 04/12/1951). Thus, I had completed more than 5 & half years continuous service in Victory Precisions Pvt Ltd. After retirement, I had followed up with the management for getting gratuity. I was denied for the same on the following grounds. I want to seek your legal advice, opinion or my rights regarding my eligibility to get the gratuity.

    The company management’s stand is that, company had taken a Group Gratuity Pension Scheme policy from LIC and the said policy covers the employees having age between 18 to 57 years only. Employee above upper age limit i.e 58 years is not covered under this policy & hence gratuity is not payable. Company management also says that, above 60 years of age, gratuity is not payable.

    Is management’s stand legal? What about the employees having joined the company after their age of 58 or above.? The company has employed me for more than five & half years in their service & I had sincerely put my energies to the best extent.

    Pl guide me whether my case is valid to claim gratuity & if yes, is there any govt authority or body with whom I can take it up?.

    With Regards,

    Ganesh D Mate

    Cell No: 9766983957

    • HR SUCCESS TALK December 31, 2016 2:33 pm  Reply

      Hi Ganesh,

      You are every much eligible for gratuity. In Gratuity Act the definition of employee does not mention about age limit.

      Please refer following definition as per Act:

      (e) “employee” means any person (other than an apprentice) employed on wages 2*** in any establishment, factory, mine, oilfield, plantation, port, railway company or shop, to do any skilled, semi- skilled, or unskilled, manual, supervisory, technical or clerical work, whether the terms of such employment are express or implied, 3*[and whether or not such person is employed in a managerial or administrative capacity, but does not include any such person who holds a post under the Central Government or a State Government and is governed by any other Act or by any rules
      providing for payment of gratuity.]

      Your company must have covered gratuity liability through LIC but you should be paid gratuity either by LIC or by company.

      You can send them a letter mentioning above. Ask them to send reply in writing. If it is still un resolved then approach Labour Department.

  2. Jeenia Vig January 14, 2019 9:23 am  Reply


    I am in initial career of HR in the corporate. Need advice from you all for the treatment of Privilege leaves in the corporate for both excess and negative cases.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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