Webinar on Redefining Total Rewards : How to upgrade your Rewards Strategy!


Total rewards programs need to be revamped in order to address a post-pandemic world and changing employee expectations.

Redefining Total Rewards :  How to upgrade your Rewards Strategy!

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Organizations are quickly realizing that, if they are to sustain & thrive during the pandemic and in the future, they must adapt to different Reward Models. The one size fits all policies will definitely not work with the new diverse workforce – hybrid, gig, WFH. There is no choice but to ensure a compensation philosophy that speaks to a diverse workforce, that builds resilience & agility in the pay design/structures.

Does your organization have an Agile Rewards Strategy? Come and join us in the webinar to listen to industry experts on their perspectives of revamping Total Rewards.

Key Takeaways from the Webinar : 

  • New definition of rewards in this new normal.
  • What are the best practices happening across industries?
  • How can you make your reward strategy more agile?

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