The Genesis of Technology Adoption in Human Resources

We are privileged to stand here to envision and experience artificial intelligence in human resources (HR), but that time wasn’t far when even having a macro on an excel sheet was worth the appreciation. 

Now in the times where the abilities of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and other technological advances have opened up avenues of application in HR, there are these perspectives we all need to go back to constantly.

To do what is ethical

Data and anything derived from it have potential and power beyond comprehension. The onus lies on the architects and visionaries of HR function to use the data in its ethical way and use the insights to unleash true potential of their employees.

To solve real talent problems

You want to know what the real needs are, and which can be addressed better with AI and ML. One must avoid the temptation to solve simpler problems with it as it does not allow its true potential to be harnessed.

To get hyper personalized

AI and ML can address tactical employee engagements and touch points all the way to the unique needs of an individual employee. Decision qualities are getting better with more sharper and specific feeders to managers to have conversation with their employees.

To have a holistic approach

Organizations planning to introduce AI and ML needs to look at all avenues of improving experience and decision quality. One should move towards offering a synchronous experience and not overdo only on the tech side.

To empower employees, managers and organization

Power in the hands of few is not liberation, but the power to make your decision is a true manifestation of liberation. What better will it be than to let everyone in the organization being able to leverage the power of tools?

To build an organizational culture

Organizational culture is the genesis of all what is done. There is nothing worth pursuing which does not help build your organizational culture. AI, ML and their application in HR has to be intertwined with the organizational culture and should be able to drive it stronger. Nothing will replace in the near future the power of authentic conversation and conversations are a huge tool to build organizational culture.

Organizations will take their own path to adopting technology in HR or some may even not do it for long. Every organization is unique, and one must avoid the pressure to get into the rush of adopting technology.


Author – Shashwat K.  Mitra


Shashwat is an HR leader with a penchant for people, strategy and leadership.






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