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HR Dashboard is a business intelligence tool that allows Human Resource teams to track, analyze and report on HR Metrics. Modern, interactive dashboards leverage an HR analytics platform which makes it easy to combine data from all systems and to deeply explore this data directly within the dashboard.

HR Metrics

Headcount, Terminations and Turnover, Hires/ Rehires, Promotions and Transfers

    • Headcount – Headcount is simply the number of people employed by an organization at a given time. Any employee who is active or on paid or on unpaid short-term leave
    • Hires – The practice/ process of finding, evaluating, and establishing a working relationship with future employees, interns, contractors or consultants in an organization
    • Terminations – Termination of employment refers to the end of an employee’s work with a company. An employee may be terminated from a job of their own free will or following a decision made by the employer
    • Turnover/ Attrition Rate – It measures the rate of employee leaving the organization over the average headcount in a specific period of time
    • Promotions – Promotion of an employee is an advancement within an organization. It is an upward movement of an employee from a current job to another higher job with higher in pay, grade, responsibility and level
  • Transfers – Transfer is a process of placing employees in positions where they are likely to be more effective or where they are to get more job satisfaction. In transfers, there is no change in the responsibility, designation, status or salary. 


Average Headcount Calculation

HC at the beginning of Month + HC at the end of the month/ 2

For example –

Headcount as of 01 Jan 2021 – 100

Headcount as of 31 Jan 2021 – 90

Average Headcount = 100 + 90/2 (190/2 = 95)


Turnover/ Attrition Rate Calculation


Let us take the example of an IT-based company in the US. At the start of 2018, there were 250 employees in the company which ended up at 240 by the end of the year. 25 employees left the company during the year. Calculate the attrition rate of the company for the year 2018 based on the given information.


Average No. of Employees is calculated using the formula given below

Average No. of Employees = (No. of Employees at the Start of 2018 + No. of Employees at the End of 2018) / 2

Average No. of Employees = (250 + 240) / 2

Average No. of Employees = 245

Attrition Rate is calculated using the formula given below

Attrition Rate = No. of Employees that Left Workforce / Average No. of Employees

Attrition Rate = 25 / 245

Attrition Rate = 10.2%


Promotion Rate – The promotion rate is the percentage of promotion taking place in a company during a specific period of time against the total employees that are eligible for the promotion.

Formula To Calculate Promotion Rate


The promotion rate can be calculated in two ways:

  • Against the Eligible Promotions
  • Against the total Headcount


Author / Educator – Pranshu Sharma, Associate Consultant – HR Analytics, MetLife

Pranshu Sharma is a certified professional of Six Sigma Green Belt with 10+ years of experience in the bailiwick of HR Reporting & Analytics, Recruitment, Total Rewards, Operations and Automation. Currently associated with MetLife Global Operations Support Center as a Team Leader (Analytics & Reporting).  He has also won accolades for exceptional performance records.

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