The Voice of The Brains” – Debate on “Work-from-home – Is this the new normal?”



HR SUCCESS TALK Coming with “The Voice of The Brains” – Debate on “Work-from-home – Is this the new normal “


Date – August 08, 2020 (Saturday)

Time – 1100 hours to 1230 hours


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Work-from-home – Is this the new normal ???

The pandemic has forced a nationwide experiment with remote work. Is this going to be the new normal? What happens once the pandemic is over?

Business leaders have seen huge cost advantages in ‘Work from Home’. However, will it have long-term benefits? Will there be issues around Data security and client privacy? How will companies ensure that the employees imbibe their culture? There are also significant issues from an employee perspective. Will it create stress on the employees and impact their wellness. Can organizations mitigate these deterrents?

What is the new normal with regard to the workspace is highly debatable and only time will tell.


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