Opportunity for an HR during Covid-19



The pandemic of Covid-19 has damaged the world economy badly and it will take hell lot of effort to return to the dynamicity of business as it was before. According to Richard Branson, in his recent interview, HRs play a vital role in the organization as a recovery or change agent. HRs need to be given more access and to be more trusted by Business Owners or Promoters to overcome the situation of damaged business. But the question lies with the HRs whether they are capable of taking this opportunity to develop business and themselves as Transformational HRs and do not limit themselves to the Transactional HRs.


By following some steps, Transactional HRs can become Transformational HRs and can gain the trust of the promoters or business owners to excel themselves beyond the horizon;


# Do not follow the book, but make/modify a new Book: Following the rules and regulations established by the organization is required but during these crucial times, HRs should be open to make necessary changes or propose deviation to the management for positive changes. These changes can vary from company to company and employee to employee. A critical analysis of a situation is required and the one who can make effective critical analysis of the situation with data or anecdotes, can make a new book and succeed as an HR during these adverse timings for business.


# Become a lighthouse for People: *Find the new and innovative ideas that can bring happiness, motivation and new spirit amongst the employees. Traditional ways of motivating and engaging people need to be redefined or must be added some more values to it. New horizons of knowledge and must be explored and new energy to be poured into the employees as an HR. The best opportunity so far to improve self as a new age transformational HR.


# Consider the Humans as Best & Effective Asset: Conduct the surveys amongst the employees and find which employee best suits the lead position amongst the team. Find the best talents within the team as hiring for most of the organization is on hold. Prepare a Manpower Shuffling Program and highlight the best employees to the management. HRs can propose a new manpower planning where new positions can be invented and new departments can be created to improve productivity, better business and elevate the Operational Standards.


# Create the Mentors: A committee of people or an elite panel of extremely productive and excellent people can be created and they must be focused on finding the loopholes in the system or working standard. They must be best at understanding the business operations, business needs and Market Demands. Their analytics must come out as the best option for business and result oriented. In other terms, they must be very much experienced, with a strong critical analytical mind and inclined more on results.


# Avoid darkness with Lights: In these adverse timings, all wrong practices such as deducting the salary to save the cost, separations, deduction in any other benefits must be cast away or to be done in an effective manner by taking the employees in confidence first. HRs must play as fair and ethical and all right practices to be implemented across the people. They must share all the information related to people and all-important changes in policies and procedures must be informed timely. HRs can ask people to give best suggestions and a pool of best suggestions/concepts must be prepared as a Plan B.


# Hire Insights: HRs should bring more insights through Industry scholars in the form of consultants, Knowledge forums, Business schools etc… Get in touch with the experts for each subject in the industry and hire them if possible, to bring the insight from the outer world. If cannot hire, can consult from time to time on a case to case basis. Business Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach and Freelance Trainers are available all around the globe. They are also running their forums through the internet, social media or public gatherings. Follow them on Social Media, connect with them through the Internet and attend their Public gatherings (Through E-Mode) and complete the bridge of information.


To summarize, HRs can lead the organization as Mentor, Coach, Guide and Chief Informant for business. Discard all beliefs that HRs must do their traditional job which is to make various letters, prepare files, send emails, take disciplinary actions, make attendance and payroll. Being an HR, you can make yourself available for business expansion, Strategy Making and to make the organization a better place for employees as well as employers.



Blog written by Mr. Himanshu Desai
Team – HR Prism


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