Nepotism – Being Judgmental and a Challenge to HR

With Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide(?) many eyebrows raised on the Nepotism in Bollywood. People being Judgmental, have given the verdict that SSR killed himself because some other ace directors and actors were promoting Nepotism in Bollywood instead of Talent and Skills. Sushant did not had good movies on cards for nearest future and all the movies he did in past were with little less known directors and new-comers only. There is movement like a volcano outburst amongst the people, no matter of what, whether fan of SSR’s or not. People are putting on a run their feelings on Social Media and Micro-blogging sites.


Being an HR, what I observe from this situation is that, Nepotism is in the blood of mankind. Son of a King becomes the Crown Prince and then becomes the King or Emperor later on and on and on. Children of Doctor become doctors only. Except from few, more than 99 % sons and daughters of doctors become doctors or working in the Medical field only. Sons and Daughters of Political Leader of high statute become the leader of the party and easily earns the ticket to Assembly or General Elections. Even son of Village Head, becomes the Village Head easily. Sons and Daughters of famous and well-known musicians become Musicians or singers. Even Many Sons and Daughters of Army, Airforce of Navy Officers have also chosen the Services as their fathers did. Even in Government Job, there is a policy adopted by Government that in case of death of any Government Officer (if years of services are due), his/her one keen can be hired in any of the government job according to the qualification.


Being Judgmental, most of the protestors or members of this movement (Against Nepotism) are from this class. In my guess, more than 90% people all around the world follow the Nepotism at some extent in their life. Then why there is the rage on Nepotism when it happens to the Bollywood? Questioning this does not mean that whatever happened with SSR is right. But I am questioning people’s integrity and attitude which is of a Hypocrisy.


Same as there in the world of Corporate. Son or daughter of a promoter becomes the MD or Chairman without having any experience on ground level. I still remember one of the interviews given by one of the greatest industrialists of our country, Late Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, that his elder son started his career in RIL as Management Trainee. Nevertheless, he was promoted on regular interval and climbed up the ladder easily, but the way Late Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani started his career is very much appreciating.


It is worth appreciating that in Tata Group, they never hire a person at the top most position who is married or having children. They have adopted a policy that Chairman of Tata Group must be single and non-parent.


Being an HR, when we hire a person on any position, we see his prior experience and education at first site but always overlook his skills or talent which could be benefiting to the organization. If we are doing this, we are also following the Nepotism. I have worked with many global HR Leaders, and I have seen them hiring. One particular case, I remember that while I was working in UK with one of the Petroleum Giant of the Country, CHRO of that company was more important in rejected candidates and he used to re-interview them. To my surprise, he has hired more than 70% rejected candidates to some other positions. And all those are working more efficiently than the selected one. Never to forget that these people are happier then ever when they were selected to the different job role.


My question is, what is wrong with us being an HR, we are the key for Unemployed person to the organization. If we can let a skilled person in instead of suitable candidate, this might be very useful for the organization. The age of Transaction, which consists the numbers and reports only is now setting down. The era of Transformation which encourages the skills and talents rather than report, is now booming. Modern age HRs should adapt at this and must start thinking on their potential and being useful to the organization in development rather than just finishing up the tasks given by top management.


I would be glad to associate with any of the HR who would like to become a Transformational one rather than the Transactional or Traditional. Let’s take a small step being an HR but a giant leap for the Cast of Employees.

Blog written by Mr. Himanshu Desai
Team – HR Prism

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  1. Sima Dey July 3, 2020 10:58 am  Reply

    Excellent way to think different….will try to follow transformational way……

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