Transmute in work culture when we return back to work “Question / Answers“




Question 1 :   The people and their mindset will also be changed or affected because of the lockdown which needs to be handled differently. Could you mention some of the measures that could steer/resolve this matter?


Answer : People and their mindset shall surely be affected because of prolonged lockdown.

Following measures will help in dealing with such matters :

  # Mature Leadership :  In tough times, leaders who excel are those who communicate clearly, stay calm and strong, demonstrate empathy, think long-term and take appropriate decisive action.

# Sensitivity to Employees’ fatigue and burnout : Employers need to expand the support they provide to their employees to deal with fatigue, stress and burnout. This needs to be handled with sincerity and genuine-ness.

# Create Energy : By making changes in purpose statements, by eliminating bureaucracy and empowering previously untested leaders by giving them bigger responsibilities and “turbocharging” the decision making process.

# Workplace And Technology : By adopting more flexibility in all aspects of doing business and by leveraging technology where ever possible. These days, many issues can resolved and many processes can be simplified by using  technology – both IT and non IT.

# Culture on Cloud CoC : Virtual Company culture changes will come into focus. Corona driven changes in culture, added with ongoing planned changes, need to be balanced. This change becomes more complex as large no of people are working from Homes.

# Knowledge management – It becomes more important and needs to be reorganized and recognized. 

# New kind of Team Bonding : Nothing is more significant than creating bonds between teammates during corona virus struggle. These are very tough times and when we come out on the other side—having gone through it together—we will have new levels of connection with our colleagues.



Question 2 : Which departments / roles can be asked to work from home and how to monitor them?


Answer :  # Work Allocation : Where ever physical interaction is not desired or can be managed without physical interaction, through IT intervention, can be put in WFM category. 

# Monitoring in case of WFH – We need to take a balanced view between not being too intrusive and taking care of productivity monitoring as well.



Answered By :- 
Mr. Harish Wadhwa
Business Head & Senior Vice President,  HCL


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