Leveraging Social & Digital Tools for HR Professionals


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Digital tools are important not only for HR Professionals but for others also, online tools can really be a game changer and these tools are never ending so we keep on adding tools everyday.

# Role of Technology :-

# Security
# Decision making
# Save time & Money
# Better customer support
# Business communication
# Marketing & business growth
# Resource management & globalisation

Here are the some tools to leverage on social media :-

# Google Alerts :-

It is like an automation for your search instead of searching something particular for yourself. How about google gets an automatic reply it means google will send you an email.


# Google reverse search image search :-

It is similar to how Google image is basically on spot.


# Google lens :-

It is use also in phone and the benefits :-

# You can scan and translate text
# You can find a look you like
# You can explore nearby places
# You can identify things ; eg. ( plants, animals)


# Google currents :-

This is a tool July 6, 2020 google plus convert into google currents, it is similar to Facebook workplace .


# Google keep :-

It works like we do a lot of research on the internet finding something and if you find something we see their N number of bookmarks so to make it easier.


# Google my business :-

It is basically who are into business and this tool can be used to make present business on google and for the company


# Google Trends :-

It is for what is new in the market what is trending just like jobs, talent etc.




Video Version of Blog

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