Employee engagement framework in times of covid19


During this quarantine period, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, when employees are supposed to operate remotely and work from home, organizations should think differently to engage their employees and get the best out of them. 

For this, we need to build a thoughtful employee engagement framework, which can engage employees working remotely.

Let’s get into some elaboration on the Employee Engagement Model in times of COVID-19. This framework entails SIX elements to make the workforce engaged at home are as follows: 

The implementation of these elements might differ from one organization to another:

1. Communication

To begin with, during this time, when people are working from home, it is important for organizations to communicate with the employees on multiple platforms and more often. The communication should happen at every level. Leaders should come forward and keep employees aware of the business situation, Talent can communicate various work related decisions, managers should discuss the well being of team members and the work. I would say over communication is better than less.

Organization should make its communication plan which includes business, people and client in mind. 

2. Clarity/Transparency

In this tough time, when there could be ambiguity, stress and anxiety, organization should bring clarity at various levels. There should be clarity in policies and procedures on remote working. Leaders should bring transparency and explain the business decisions.

3. Recreational Activities

In this time, it is easy to feel left out and isolated. Humans are social animals. The role of the talent team here would be to come up with ideas and thoughts to make the remote workforce engaged with the organization, such as interesting quizzes, throwing some challenges or competitions towards the team members and encouraging collaboration. 

There are many other creative ways depending upon the type of your workforce and talent team can lead.

4. Elevating People Management Skills

Managers are always the key to organization success. A pool of good people managers can build a great work culture. This is needed more in this challenging time. Our managers might not be ready to deal with this situation. Therefore, we should prepare and support our managers in dealing with this situation. 

Managers can increase the frequency of 101 with their team members and team as a whole. Talk about their feelings, stress levels and support each other at this time. There could be informal team meetings just to have chit chat to reduce stress levels. 

5. Re-alignment of Organizational Processes

This element means that every organization needs to re-align their organizational processes as no organization ever expected of such a devastating and traumatic situation across the globe. Furthermore, they never expected that the complete workforce would be working from home, and hence the processes of an organization are not aligned to deal with this situation. Therefore, it is very important for every organization to re-look at every single process, whether it is a Talent Process or other Business Processes, and ensure that they are well-aligned according to the remote work. To give an example, organizations should check if they will be able onboard or offboard employees, provide IT infrastructure support etc.

6. Continuous Feedback

The last but not the least element pertains to taking continuous feedback from the employees. We should be in close touch with our employees and keep asking their feedback on various elements. We should know:

  • How our employees are feeling, 
  • Are they facing any problem with the infrastructure to work remotely, 
  • Are they getting the required support and guidance from their managers, 
  • Do they think that the engagement activities are good enough, 
  • What else they need from organization

The objective is not to only listen but also act on it. Review the feedback and take necessary action. Don’t forget to go back to your people and let them know the actions you have taken based on their feedback. This will help organizations to adjust and change strategy to support their employees well. 

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Blog written by :

Govind Singh Negi

Senior Director-Talent Management and Delivery Center Lead, 3Pillar Global



Twitter handle : https://twitter.com/govindsinghneg3

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