In this professional and materialistic era, the scope of artificial intelligence in human resource management plays a quintessential part. This is because the scope of artificial intelligence is emerging and upsurging in the field of human resource management which would be further conducive to profit maximization for every organization

The potential of artificial intelligence in human resource management is explored in six selected scenarios:

1) Turnover Prediction with artificial neural networks

2) Candidate search with knowledge-based search engines

3) Staff restoring with genetic algorithms

4) HR sentiment analysis with text mining

5) Resume data acquisition with information extraction

6) Employee self-service with interactive voice response

A crucial experimental study of an expert system: Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management

During 1993, there was a conference on computer personnel research and an experimental study was conducted by John J. Lawler and Robin Elliot. The paper reports resulted to aid job evaluation. 

The study focuses on the impact of an expert system use on problem-solving accuracy across problems of varying complexity.

The results also indicate that the program impacted accuracy. though the observed relationships differed from what had been hypothesized.



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 MBA student


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