Show the Millennials How They Fit Into Your Organization

By 2020 half of the global workforce will constitute of Millennials. A survey by LinkedIn shows that unlike the older generations Millennials face a challenge in visualizing what working with a particular organization would be like.

This indicates the Employer Branding and Recruiting team have more work at hand. Together they will need to build a strategy and mechanism through which the Millennial feels an alignment with the organization during the interview process itself.


Let’s look at some ways to do so.


  • Showcase the Culture- Use The Company Website and Social Media Channels

27% of Millennials say that they visit the company’s website to learn about its culture. It will be prudent to have a culture section in the website that talks about the values, has videos of day to day life in the organization and also blogs written by existing employees talking about the culture.

When it comes to Social Media it seems best to let the employees talk about the culture and their daily lives through the post on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. They could use photo, video and other stories.  It’s said that any organization culture related info coming through an employee is deemed three times more reliable than that coming from the CEO himself. The power of Social Media is genuinely compelling when it comes to Millennials.


  • Show Them Your Dedication Towards Development and Growth

In a survey by LinkedIn 42% of Millennials said that they took an offer basis the opportunity of growth the organization gave. Only 32% of Gen Y and 13% of Baby Boomers gave this as much importance.

Millennials are looking forward to a culture of continuous learning and growth. It will be good to talk about various certifications and learning programs in your organization.

They are also aware of the importance of a Mentor and look forward to any guidance and help that will them settle into the organization and grow.  Tell them about the organization’s Mentor-Mentee Programs.


  • Highlight the Process of Coaching and How Your Organization can Help Them Perform to the Best

The same survey reports that 47% of Millennials say that feedback on their performance and personal growth contributes to their sense of belonging in their workplace. Only 33% of Gen Y and 26% of Baby Boomers felt the same.

It will be good to talk about the continuous review and feedback sessions. This generation does not completely believe in Annual Reviews.

Even during the interview process, the HR team should keep the candidate updated on the status with an honest and detailed feedback.


  • The Hiring Manager Should Have a Conversation Beyond the Interview Process

Millennials felt that a conversation with the hiring manager about the role, expectations and growth helped them make positive decisions about the job offer.

They also found merit in speaking to other employees in the organization. Some even found connecting with the Leadership a good practice, as they felt more aligned with the company’s vision and growth plans.

Beyond all of the above, the recruiter could give an office tour to the applicant to acclimatize him with the office premises. Talking about the benefits and employee related policies in advance act as an added advantage.  A Millennial appreciates the information given in advance and transparency flatters them to no extent.

Many people talk about how inadequate and vulnerable the Millennials are but they are learning, in their own manner and at their own pace, to take really balanced decisions. A career related decision is certainly something, which they will take only after evaluating the organization and role offered on all parameters.

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Name – Ms. Vibha Singh

Company Name –   Twine HR

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