Do We Really Understand Meaning of Employee Engagement?

What is employee engagement



Employee engagement is more than just the current HR ‘buzzword’. It is not just conducting fun activities, outings, celebrating Birthday’s and Festive events. It is much more than that, keeping your employees engaged emotionally is the most crucial part of any organisation. Employee engagement is about having a clear understanding of how an organisation is fulfilling its purpose and objectives.

Here is the impact of Employee Engagement on organization:

Focused Work

Employees feel more engaged when they have clear direction, performance accountability, and an efficient work environment. Aside from the personal drive and motivation to make a contribution, employees need to understand where to focus their efforts. Without a clear strategy and direction from senior leadership, employees will waste their time on the activities that do not make a difference for the organization’s success.

Interpersonal Harmony

Employees feel more engaged when they work in a safe and cooperative environment. By safety, it refer healthy and friendly work environment where employee trust each other and quickly resolve conflicts when they arise. Employees want to be able to rely on each other and focus their attention on the tasks that really matter. Synchronization across departments and within the work group ensure that employees stay informed and get the support they need to do their jobs.

Personal Impact

Employees feel more engaged when they are able to make a unique contribution, experience empowerment, and have opportunities for personal growth. Meaningful work is one of the most influential factors determining employees’ willingness to stay with the organization.

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