Challenges In Hiring Blue Collar Workers In India

Most of time, we discuss about white collar worker. How they should be kept motivated? How to major their performance etc? In today’s video interview we decided to touch upon a topic related to blue collar workers.

To find out the answer on “Challenges in hiring blue collar workers in India especially Manufacturing units” , we invited Mr. P. K. Gupta having more than 30 years of experience in HR with various Indian MNC’S and currently associated with Tex Corp Limited as General Manager – HR.

Mr Gupta has closely worked with this segment of worker along with white collar workforce.

Below is the abstract of interview with him.

Ques. 1 What kind of challenges you face in hiring Blue Collar Workers?

Ans. Some of the challenges we face in hiring Blue Collar Workers are:

  1. No Job Portal for Blue collar worker hiring : When we look in to hiring portals like and other portals, we do not found blue collar workers in that.
  2. No recruitment consultant expert in this kind of hiring: Secondly, there is lack of consultants who actually provide skilled blue collar workers.
  3. Not enough skilled workforce: Another main challenge is that there is lack of skilled workers as per requirement. Many people are there who are looking for the job but they are not trained or lack required skill set to perform the job.

Ques.2 What are the solutions you suggest to overcome from these challenges to hire Blue Collar Workers?

Ans : What we do is, we take fresh matriculates or 12th pass people as interns or trainees for a year, then we train them time to time or on quarterly basis for a year and at the end of year the person who meet our requirement we take them on permanent role and others we don’t but they can get jobs in other companies.

I would also like to add about the initiative that has been taken by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi under the Apprenticeship Act in skilling people. SKILLING INDIA also contributes a lot to fulfil our requirement in hiring skilled people for the companies.

Ques.3 How you manage the attrition rate of blue collar workers in your company?

Ans: We are operating in Gurgaon, Haryana and there is a lot of requirement of skilled blue collar worker in this region due to extensive industrial belt.  It is difficult to find such worker especially when big companies like Hero Motor and Maruti also visit most of the ITI (Industrial Training Institutes ) and take the talent. The requirement of such companies is in large numbers. Therefore, other companies face shortage of such manpower.

The attrition at worker level is high. They leave us for better pay and growth. The attrition in my company is 10-20% and it is higher during peak season like festive seasons. Absenteeism and attrition both increases.

To overcome this problem, we offer better pay, little more than minimum wage of our State. We communicate regularly with these workers. We also plan for career growth. We train these people from time to time. We also run social welfare scheme to ensure that such workers continue associated with us.

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