It’s time to make students employable



In today’s context of heightened global competition, diverse workforce and operating margins, Human Resources function needs to have a strategic focus in delivering tangible value to the Business.


Employees are strategic partners who help in building organization. Companies are very focused on the types of employee they are hiring. There are plenty of jobs in the market and companies spend huge money on getting right kind of candidate for themselves. At the same time, there are many students who pass out from various education programs and ready to get into jobs. But still, many of them do not get a job. It is because company feels that these students are not employable.


Now a days, company look for more than academic achievement of candidate. Company is interested in candidates who are near to perfect. Candidate should have good English communication skill, IQ and computer skill along with technical knowledge. Candidate should be confident and have good personality.


Education institutes today majorly focus on technical up-gradation of students where in there are other skills student needs to develop to be employable. In a recent article published by a newspaper stated that 80% of Indian Engineers can’t speak good English. This shows that our focus on imparting technical education more to students.


Education Institutes should help students identifying the answers of following questions to make them employable:

  • Students should know their weakness and strength.
  • Students should know the best suitable career for them based on their education, interest, capabilities and soft skills.
  • Students should be confident enough to face interviews.
  • Students should know how to present their skills, knowledge and competencies to employers when applying for jobs, preparing for interviews, presentations or assessment centres.


If education institutes put in their efforts to make students employable, it will help student finding and getting desired job and career as soon as they completes their education.


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  1. Dr G S Darbari September 6, 2015 7:27 am  Reply

    We are an engineering Industry doing specialized jobs of which few are on turnkey basis.
    We as an employer find the students who are coming out of Engineering Colleges ,Polytechnics and Industrial Training Institutes are lagging even the basic knowledge of the subject yet when we peruse through their Marks sheets we find that the same student has secured 95% or more marks in Practicals an sessionals lab/Project work . When we looked to the marks secured in the external examination of theory papers it is found that the score is barely 45/50%. On deeper examination and questioning during the interviews it is found that the jobs assigned in the practical examinations by the institutions are actually made by some outside agency and students are given them at a price to show it as their own. In fact this collection of money is in mass and almost all the students are given the similar jobs made by outside agency. On interrogation of the students they reveal that in many cases the school does not have any practical facility or lab or even if they have, no one takes interest and most of the equipment are kept to obtain the recognition from the respective Board or AICTE etc .and even the teachers are not aware as to how to use such equipment and perform the experiments. Such students who come out are often hired by these type of institutions as teachers who do nothing but perpetuate further ignorance and fraud.
    In our perception this is fraud being played by such institutions with the students who are declared Passed in the exam with First class or Hons marks, where the bloating of the percentage of marks is done by fraudulent practice. he practice is very common at ITI and Diploma in Engg level while at B.Tech/B.E. level the marking of Practicals an sesional are similar and projects which are either bought out or copied from Internet are evaluated as Very Good to Excellent with the candidate knowing nothing about the project. More so thee projects are not done by any individual student but a group of them and may be sometimes this group may be 5-6 in number.Each one remains as ignorant as the other.

    In our perception such fraud being played with our students and their parents who are too naive about their future must stop immediately and a thorough evaluation of teachers involved must be got done by a committee consisting members from academia and the majority number from the Industry. The evaluation of this committee should decide hiring or promotion of the concerned teachers or even allowing them to continue as teachers. The students are raw and ,it is up to us how we make them an asset for the country instead of liability.

    The Nation’s Prime Minister brags about The Demographic dividend of India but I am afraid it may not become Demographic Catastrophe if such trend continues and allowed to find its deep roots.

    This observation excludes many of the good schools and institutions who are actually doing real service like IITs ,NIITs,some independent private institutions and Universities but includes many who have come as a part of mushroom growth with sole objective of making money instead of imparting knowledge and shaping the carrier of the students to make them truly the Nation Builder. .

  2. HR SUCCESS TALK September 6, 2015 2:28 pm  Reply

    Hi Dr G S Darbari

    Thanks for sharing your views with our readers. You have shared a different type of problem in our education system.

    Such kind of students never get success.

    • Dr G S Darbari September 6, 2015 4:50 pm  Reply

      Yes, you are right but to have focused manpower for tangible results from the industry it is necessary hat the manpower should not only be focused but should also be competent and knowledgeable. In fact it is not the fault of the students/new manpower getting generated but is actually that of those schools who in the race of showing better percentage of marks attained by their students to show case them before the prospective employers give a wrong appraisal of their students ,teach extremely poorly and leave the students in a lurch who after graduating with first class marks could neither go back to the school to refurbish the missing gaps of their knowledge nor are employable . This is the greatest dis service these schools are doing. The problem needs to be addressed immediately before it is too late.

      • HR SUCCESS TALK September 7, 2015 4:17 am  Reply

        Agree. Dr G S Darbari.

        Every education institute should focus on making students smart, employable and a good citizen rather than focusing on higher marks only.

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