Interview- Challenges faced by young HR professionals in an Organization

No need to mention that HR is one of the important function of an organization which helps in driving organization goals. This is the reason many professionals have chosen it as their career. There are many young HR professionals who are contributing to this field. At the same time, they face many challenges while trying to achieve organization short or long term goals.

To find out the answer of this, we have invited Mohd Mohsin Siddiqui who is currently associated with IHPL Group as Manager HR.

Mohsin has shared his HR related challenges with us especially in Real Estate Industry in India.

Q : What are the various challenges a young HR Professional faces in mid level of his career?

Following are the challenges a young HR Professional faces in the mid of his career:

  1. Recruitment especially bulk hiring of experienced people.
  2. Higher management expectation.
  3. Employee engagement.
  4. Disconnection between employees and management.
  5. Disciplinary Issues
  6. Unwillingness of employees in following company processes

Q :  In India, still Real Estate Industry is not very organized and they are not very inclined towards employees need. What are your views on the same?  Also, In this situation how do you able to manage employee expectation and management expectation?

It is difficult but I manage through consistent interaction with employee and management by identifying their needs.

Q:  What do you think, Should companies hire consultants for labour law, statutory compliances, taxation or young HR professional can handle these by themselves?

I think 100% things can’t be managed because it requires more experience but consultants are not required each and every small things.


Watch the complete video to hear his opinion. You can also visit our youtube channel to see more such video interviews.

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  1. Ramesh Kumar.S.N August 6, 2015 6:10 am  Reply

    These are the global challenges which almost every industry is facing and I think it cant be completely fixed but can be addressed time to time by understanding the situations. Additional to this engaging talents and performance management is every green challenge. I do wish to say that HR challenges can be addressed when management gives equal importance to HR in decision making.

    • HR SUCCESS TALK August 6, 2015 6:55 am  Reply

      Dear Ramesh,

      Thanks for sharing your views with all of us. We do agree with you, if management starts giving due importance to HR and employees, companies will become great place to work

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