Interview-What does an employee expects from HR and Organization?


To find answer of this question, we invited Sujan Pradhan who is currently working as MIS Analyst in a Multinational Company in Gurgoan. We are thankful to him to accept our invitation and share his views on the matter. You can watch this video to hear him.

Following is the transcript of his interview for your ready reference.

Q : What does an employee expect from HR department of company?

Following are the main important things an employee expects from HR department of company to create:

  • Good culture
  • Better work environment
  • More opportunities
  • Good salary
  • Flexible working hours in terms of balanced work life.

Employee should not get over work pressure from management which affects their personal and professional life.

Q: What kind of other facilities should be given to employees from their employer?

Following are some of the basic and value added facilities which an employee expects from his employer.

  • Cafeteria
  • Pick and Drop facility
  • Health insurance etc

Q : Now a days,  employees  focus more on  Net Take Salary as compared to other benefits given by company like: health insurance, car and home loan subsidy etc. What do you think about this?

Employee wants both good in hand salary and other benefits but if company didn’t provide additional benefits then employee focuses more on Net Take Salary while negotiation.

Q:  As you are associated with many companies since more than 10 yrs of work experience, are you satisfied with HR department of those companies? Are they able to play the role expected from them?

No, not up to the mark. Because, they also have to follow the orders of management, that’s why they would not be able to satisfy their people.

Q: Do you think that HR is a puppet in hands of management?

Yes, Even if HR makes good policies and welfare schemes for employees they need to take final approval from management. If management is not employee friendly and doesn’t value employees as an asset, HR will not be able to do anything. Hence, I feel that HR is puppet in hands of management.

Q:  What is your perspective that HR should give back to their employee?

HR plays an important role in any organization. They should understand needs of their employees. They should appreciate and work of their employees. They should respect their people and not be partial. They should be committed towards their commitments made while hiring an employee.

Q: What you expect from your employer and HR department of your organization?

Management should understand employee’s perspective and their needs. HR is timely payouts in terms of Salary, Bonus and Incentives.

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  1. sunithasahu10Sunitha August 1, 2015 5:29 am  Reply

    Very true and Honest, I we think nowdays that HR is just a person who will help the management with all formalities, they cannot hear an employee.

    • govindsinghnegi August 1, 2015 7:31 am  Reply

      Hi Sunitha,

      HR is an important function of any organization. Management should understand that employees are asset and not machines. Employees are the one who makes or destroy any organization. Management which understands that always value the importance of HR and then HR can play its role in development of organization.

      If management wants HR to do basic paper work then God help such companies.

  2. Pallavi August 14, 2015 7:42 am  Reply

    I’m a fresher guy and eagerly waiting of a good company(HR policy should be in a frame) where I get a good mentor as a HR Manager then I improve myself as a HR Professional in my career.

    • HR SUCCESS TALK August 23, 2015 4:24 am  Reply

      Hi Pallavi,

      It is very important to have a mentor in any field you work to learn and grow. We are hopeful that you will find one soon and grow in the field of HR.

      Meanwhile, if you would like to ask any question with respect to HR, please dont hesitate to visit our HR Forum which is built for answering queries only.

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