Top 5 attributes of a good HR Manager

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Every professional wants to grow and for that he always keeps his skills intact with new technology and updates. Human resource is considered to be a vital function in organization. HR Manager is responsible for ensuring human resource is aligned to business growth. Hence, it is important that HR Manager should have right kind of skills and attributes.

Today, we would like to put light on some of those attributes which is a must have in any HR Manager.

  1. Clear understanding:- the main attribute which any HR manager should carry is understanding & clarity of thoughts. This is not only helpful for other individual but also helpful in making team or fellow colleagues understand the things and then to channelize the approach of work in right direction.  If HR Manager is not clear on business they he may not be able to apply HR practices in support of that business. Any word said by HR Manager is taken seriously by employee hence HR Manager should be clear what to communicate before hand. HR Manager should also understand the situation before commenting on it. It is better to be quite for some time, gather information and then give opinion.

  1. Time management:- all the HR professionals are expected to be efficient in time management since there are many activities that HR professionals has to perform within the time frame considering various process which help entire Hr operations to run smoothly thus this is a very important factor that any hr professional must have. Infect, they are expected to set time-frame and meet those expectations. In Today’s world, HR professionals are carrying huge responsibilities. Completing all these responsibilities require a very good time management skills.

  1. Trust worthy:- This is the key quality and must have for all the HR professional as there are many confidential documents and information that any company have & only HR professionals have the access of such documents thus they are suppose to maintain the confidentiality. HR Manager is involved in many discussions and decisions where confidentiality is the key. It is least expected from him to disclose such information intentionally or unintentionally.

  1. People Person :- HR Manager should be people person. He should spend time on understanding people, their behavior, their expectations from company and life. He should be a good listener and should be seen as person to approach. If people feel comfortable talking and sharing things with him, chances are better that he can use this information for betterment of employee and company. Every employee has weakness and strength, it is HR Manager’s responsibility to use them in right direction along with line managers.

  1. Knowledge of business & industry:- Today, HR Managers are expected to be business leader. They need to contribute and play an important role in growth of company. They need to ensure that human resource is used in right direction to ensure growth of company. Every future plan has Human resource as one of the key aspect and HR Manager needs to ensure that it is aligned properly.

HR Manager should understand core business very well. This will give him advantage while hiring a candidate, training, counseling, bench marking exercise, career progress etc. Every industry has its own challenges. HR Manager needs to understand such challenges and frame HR policies accordingly. HR Manager can not simply copy past HR policies without understanding business and Industry.

In case you feel that there is something else you would like to add to this list, you are most



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