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We are engaged in providing consultancy service in the field of HR. We help organization in identifying human resource related issues and suggest solutions to overcome them. We also involve in implementation of these solutions.

Alignment of human resources is utmost important to get desired outcome and meeting organization short term and long term goals. We get associated with companies to overcome these areas.

Following are the areas where we help organizations:

  • Establishing HR Department from scratch
    • Building HR department from scratch in case there is no setup or existing setup is not effective.
    • Building HR processes, Policies, Format, Work flow and participation in selection of right candidates to kick start Human Resource Department.


  • Devising and review of HR Policies
    • Building new HR policies in case there is none in place.
    • Review of existing policies to align it with organization culture and objective.
    • Review of existing policies as per existing labour laws.
    • Making suggestions to management after in-depth analysis.


  • Employee Engagement
    • Helping organization to determine current Employee Engagement Level by way of conducting ESS (Employee Satisfaction Survey).
    • Based on outcome of ESS, suggesting various ways to improve employee engagement by employee counseling, policy change, training, culture building and communication.


  • Training Need Assessment & Training
    • Helping organization in identifying training gaps (Organization, Departmental and individual level) through TNI process.
    • After TNI, preparation of Annual Training calendar- both Technical and soft training programs.
    • Conducting trainings on regular interval of time by experts.
    • Monitoring ROI (return on investment).


  • Performance Management
    • Helping organization in managing performance at each level- individual, departmental and organization.
    • Defining JD (Job Description), KRA (Key Responsibility Area) and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for each profile after due discussion with manager and employee.
    • Employee awareness about performance management system to build transparency in the system and ensuring their participation.
    • Identification of good and not good performers.
    • Bell Curve Implementation.
    • Taking actions on Non-Performers
      • Counseling, PIP-Performance Improvement Plan and Ask To Go.
    • Helping Good Performers grow in organization
      • Conducting Technical and Soft Skill Trainings.
      • Reward and Recognition Drive
      • Career Progression Chart through Promotions in same or other departments.
    • Measurement of department performance.
    • Measurement of organization performance.
    • Effective Annual Performance Management Development Process.


  • Organization Culture Building
    • Advising organization to build organization culture in such a way which helps company to grow after in depth analysis of existing work culture.
    • We also suggest management kind of work culture appropriate to their industry.


  • Statutory Compliance Audit
    • Our experts evaluate existing statutory compliance level of company.
    • Suggesting actions to be taken by employer to ensure adherence to labour laws.


  • HR Automation
    • Understanding HR processes in view of automation. Suggestion changes if required.
    • Suggesting best suitable automation solution and implementation.


  • Any other concern with respect to Human capital
    • We have experts from diverse industries who have immense experience to handle and correct any situation.


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