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What really motivates people? - shreni - 04-06-2019

Research states only 10% of people look forward to going to work every day. This is extremely depressing, so then what is motivation and why does it always have to rise up on a Saturday or a Sunday? they say nothing is interesting if you are not really interested but what if there is a way to make things better so that the interest rises on its own. Let us see what you can do as an employer today to ensure that your employees are just as motivated to see your business succeed as you are.

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RE: What really motivates people? - Rachel Stinson - 27-06-2019

Good content, According to my experience factors like

1) your love for your work

2) work environment

3)salary and rewards

4)relationship with your team etc.

5) company's policies and HR Altogether add to the percentage of motivation of an employee .
So, an employer should focus on these factors because at the end a motivated employee surely adds to the progress of a company.