Full Version: What is the difference between traditional and agile performance management?
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Performance management can be classified into two categories: traditional and agile.

Let us examine the differences between the two:

Agile Performance management

Continuous evaluation of employee performance.
Strategic performance practices are involved.
Works towards employee self-development.
Continuous feedback based employee performance.
Takes into consideration business goals.
Future-oriented approach.
Results in better employee engagement.

Traditional performance management

Objective performance reviews
Operational framework with no focus on future plans
Zero focus on employee development
Communication is linear and feedback is minimal
Focuses only on employee's performance happened during the past.
Follows a past-oriented approach.
this practice often becomes a source of anxiety for employees, since it is conducted only once a year.

Both agile and traditional performance management is very important to an organization. Performance management can be streamlined using performance management software to make the process faster.