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Hi All,

Please find attached the training process which was there in my archive hence sharing with you guys. Hope this will be useful.
Thanks Sir!

Indeed, it is useful!


Sachin Joshi
Thanks sir,

I found it very useful. Please share identification of training need by different ways in detail with practical format.

Antima Sharma
Dear Govind,

I must really appreciate your efforts that you put in developing this forum and enriching with HR Knowledge through this network.

Thanks a lot for simplifying so many things and concepts.

I have gone through Training and and Development Category entirely,and very useful contribution is there.Again thanks a lot.....

Please help on Man Hours concept if you can provide some useful data for the same.I want to learn about it.

Thanks you

Warm regards
Dear Megha,

Please explain your query in more detail. What would you like to know about manhour
Dear Govind,

I want to understand:

1.What do we exactly mean by Man hours and Mandays?

2.How do we calculate Manhours and Mandays?Any example that explains the formula and practical application of the same?

3.Is there any particular set norm for the same that a particular employee must have lets say x number of training mandays/manhours in a year?

4.What is actually the scope and objective of calculating the same?

Thanking you for quick reply,
Warm regards
Dear Mr Govind,


This is Balaji from Hyderabad.

I happened to see your material on the Training Process. It's really well structured and easy to follow.

Thanks & Regards,

Dear Govind Sir,

Please explain Man hour and Man days its application as well as calculation.

Dear Friends,

Manhour is normally the number of hours a person has spent on particular thing. Same is applicable for mandays.

If a person has spent one hour each in two training programs, it means he got 2 manhour training.

There is no set rule regarding number of manhours a person should be trained. It depends upon profile and nature of business you are in.

In case of technical field where changes are frequent employees should be trained on new technologies hence manhour to train will be higher as compared to industry where less changes are happening.
Dear Govind Sir,

Thanks for explaining meaning of Manday and Manhour.

Please also throw some light on how it is implemented / process and its benefits.

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