Full Version: PF Bare Act to download
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Hi Friends,

Please find attached PF Bare Act to download.
Dear Sir
As per PF act last date of challan subimission is 15 of every month but in practice it consider 20 of every month which is not mentioned in act
my query is this that which is the right date from these date

Amit Sharma
Dear Amit,

Last date of challan submission is 15th of the month only. It is so, so that Cheque submitted by you, max by 15th of the month, can get encashed in PF Bank account by 20th of the month.

There is no practice of submitting challan by 20th. Its that something when you submit late i.e. after 15th and still PF get money in their bank account before 20th they dont charge penalty. But you need to ensure submission by 15th.

Hope your doubts are now clear.
Thanks Sir
could you please prescribe me any book written by special writer having the full detail of labour law and who 'll be helpfull 4 my knowldge just to make strong likr u

Amit Sharma
I would recommend H L Kumar to you.