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Why Trainer?
Why Trainer?

For me it was a profession by choice. How about you? I realised during my three years as a teacher that I was actually loving it. I looked forward to going to my classes each morning, would prepare till late night for the next day’s classes and venture into unknown during my sessions. I thoroughly loved every day that I spent teaching.

And then it dawned on to me like I am teaching same thing to almost the same set of people for three years. I wanted a larger canvass to paint, deal with a wide variety of topics and people. It was then that I realised this passion could probably be ignited and fuelled through training for corporate houses. Now the canvass was bigger, issues were different and so were the people. The journey thereafter was easy.

Training to me is not a ritual that I have to do and forget about it. I can feel it when people switch on the light within them and illuminate themselves with new thoughts and perspectives. It is a great moment to see people going through a paradigm shift or even a small change in their behaviour during the course of a training program.

However, I very strongly feel that words alone do not suffice to motivate people. Trainers must themselves learn tools and techniques to stress on triggers that will bring about change. Psychometrics, Management Games, In-tray and their correct usage are some ways to learn for typical trainers.

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