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Which is the best Employee Management Software?
Why do you need an employee management software? When HR and managers are trying to actively manage their employees and engage them, they might as well use an employee management software to make the process easier. In order to invest in a software, you need to keep in mind the needs of the organization and the features that you need in a software. To make things easier for you, I would like to recommend Synergita.

Synergita has the following features:

Goal Management: First, you store all the personal and professional information of the employee in one document along with additional supporting documents. With this the manager has instant access to the employee’s history whenever necessary. The next step then is to set goals and choose the important goals out of them. Designate targets for the review.

Performance Management: You can produce high performance, constant development and save all your time, hard work and resources. Synergita has a customizable platform where you can automate employee appraisal and work flow. You can fasten up this process and engage and develop your employee's performance. By configuring multiple appraisal process reviews, you can analyze & supervise performance, progress and development of the employees constantly.

360 Degree Feedback: There is nothing more valuable than getting feedback from multiple audience such as the employee, peers, managers, team members and external stakeholders such as customers, vendors and mentors. This will give an overarching analysis of their skills, performance and values. Hence the feature. The 360-degree feedback is a multi-faceted feedback mechanism so that everyone can give you a constructive feedback.

Continuous Feedback and Rewards: The continuous feedback feature motivates and engages employees with immediate feedback and appreciation. This is nothing but a digital wall where employees and managers post their comments, and this will increase team spirit and better employee engagement. There is healthy collaboration between the employers and the employees and better employee development.

Analytics: Managers and HR have instant access to more than 50 reports and through this they can understand the growth of the employee, his skillset, areas where he needs training and so on.

Employee engagement: This is the most important feature because this is what we have been talking about all this while. We have been dealing with ways in which we can foster employee engagement. All the features that I have discussed above seek to keep the employee in the workplace and reduce attrition. The better the engagement, the better the productivity.

Appraisal: This is the last milestone for the HR because now he has gone through all the employee's profiles, reports, goals and feedback. It is time for him to create the workflow, approve the tasks and make sure that he is transparent about his decisions to his employees.
All of this is fine. But nothing speaks like a test drive. Sign up and experience the live demo of Synergita.

Managing employees for business performance and success is a top priority for any organization. The departments that drive and motivate employees in their departments are HR or HR departments, and HR staff helps HR departments digitize and accelerate work. There are plenty of choices in the market today, but if you are looking for the best employee management system, that takes care of the complete hire-to-retire employee life cycle, Eilisys, Ascent is the perfect platform for your HR and organizational needs.

Ascent an employee management system helps companies get a quick and efficient way to assimilate all employee data fields that are crucial and critical for your business. It provides single portal access to all the employee records as and when required by the HR and administration teams. It enables your organization to manage all the standard and custom fields.

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