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Usage of i.e or e.g?
Good Morning Friends,

Do we often have a confusion in the usage of i.e or e.g?

The abbreviations "i.e." and "e.g." are very commonly misused because many people do not know what they stand for
Here is the solution….and now decide what to choose….

Ie, ie or IE is an abbreviation and may refer to: i.e., that is or "in other words" Latin phrase id est

Eg may refer to: e.g., an abbreviation of exempli gratia, Latin:

Examples 1. Two of Orris’s projects i.e Floreal Towers and Carnation are to be delivered soon.

2. More projects are underway e.g Green Bay, School, Energy.

Anju Mahajan
Well thought and useful

Govind Singh Negi
HR Professional- Sr Management
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