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Sexual Harassment- a serious threat to company work culture
Sexual Harassment- a serious threat to company work culture

A recent case of sexual harassment in India where one of leading news agency TEHLKA’s senior officer Tarun Tejpal was involved has started discussion on sexual harassment cases in an organization and its impacts. Surprising there was no official committee set for such cases in this well known organization. However, there is a law in India to form a Sexual Harassment committee in every company.

Read more : http://hrsuccesstalk.com/2013/12/05/sexu...k-culture/

Govind Singh Negi
HR Professional- Sr Management
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This happens in every country, my friend. All multi-national companies are harassing their employees in one or the other way. Sadly, most of the cases are not counted because most employees are scared to report about it. They worry about their reputation, job, and future prospects in other companies.
You're right, sexual harassment can truly have an impact on company culture. At one point, repeated employee behaviour can become reflective of a workplace environment. Knowing how and when to deal with employee complaints when it comes to sexual harassment is important:


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