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Retirement Intimation Format
E. Code:

Dear Mr. ----------

We wish to inform you that your date of birth as recorded in this company is ----- and as per the policy of the company you are attaining the age of retirement on---------- . Accordingly you will be relieved from services on the company by <<Date>>.

You are requested to hand over charge of your office and responsibilities to ------------ -,------- ---- as early as possible, but not later than <<7-10 days before date>> along with all necessary briefings for his carrying over the responsibilities smoothly.

Kindly return all records and material / articles of the company in your possession before getting your accounts settled. We are advising HR & Fin. Depts for keeping your accounts ready for settlement on <<Date>>.

We appreciate all your dedicated and committed services to the company rendered over -------- period and wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful retired life.

Your Sincerely

Govind Singh Negi
HR Professional- Sr Management
Follow at twitter: @govindsinghneg3 https://twitter.com/govindsinghneg3
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