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Recruitment Metrics
Dear Member,

Please find enclosed - "Recruitment Metrics" .

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Dear member,

Here are some recruitment metrics I am sharing,

Recruiting metrics help talent acquisition leaders track and optimize their hiring process. Recruiting metrics are also crucial to understanding how current hiring trends will impact long-term business outcomes. With talent shortages, an evolving skills landscape and changing workforce demographics, organizations have now started placing a premium on hiring the right candidate.

As ambiguous as it may sound, recruiting metrics help demystify the characteristics of the right hire . So, let’s take a look at the four golden metrics of recruitment that every talent acquisition leader must definitely track:

1. Cost per hire:

Cost per hire is the average amount of money spent on converting a candidate into an employee. This again is an efficiency metric that is crucial to tracking an organization’s recruiting budget. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) provides the standard formula for calculating the cost per hire as the sum of internal and external recruiting costs divided by the total number of hires.
Although recruiting costs to depend on a number of factors such as hiring volumes, and time to fill, the industry benchmark is between $3000 to $5000 per hire.

2. Employee retention rate:

While attracting and finding the right candidate is a task in itself, retaining them is even harder. Metrics like time to hire and cost per hire are closely linked with retention rates. After all, it would seem counter-intuitive to track the efficiency of the hiring process if candidates decide to leave an organization before recruitment efforts even start to pay off.

Read more https://hrt.media/3me70
Hey Dipalig,

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful material for recruitment metrics.


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