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Questions on Diversity and Inclusion
Hello, I have a few questions about diversity and inclusion that seem to kind of get glossed over both by my manager and by the people on SHRM so I figured i would try my luck here.

A little background about myself and where I work. I am new to the HR industry and sort of got this job as a fluke (or a stroke of good luck) after my third layoff. My manager is amazing and she has been doing her best to bring me up to speed on all the HR training that I don't have. I do have a college degree in criminal justice (long story from there to here) and I have had a wide career field from pizza delivery to Technical Operations Center Team Leader for Echo Star (which just goes under Dish Network now). I currently work for a small metal shop company in Cheyenne Wyoming that employs roughly 20 to 30 people as a human resource specialist.

When I ask my manager about D and I she has a standard answer which I find rational and fair which is: "We will hire who ever is the most qualified and productive". That seems to be a reasonable answer that leaves things such as race, gender, sexual orientation and religion out of the picture. With that answer our conversations usually end.

That is why I contacted the people at SHRM (we have a subscription through them however it is under my manager's name so I chose to post anonymously). When i ask them about D and I all they say is "Diversity is better"; and when I ask "Why" they say it has to do with the different ideas and perspectives a diverse team would offer. When I bring up hiring only qualified and productive people they circle back on their argument that "diversity is better".

So I am kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place here when it comes to D and I and I am left wondering does it even really matter? At the end of the day a companies want to be successful; that is the underline goal of every business ever started. It doesn't matter if the staff is all straight white males or a loud cacophony of every race, creed, gender, and sexual orientation, all as long as the company is successful. Is this not true? Am I missing something?

I am hoping to find some sort of hard evidence to any of these claims.

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