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Key prohibitions for compliance u/Labour laws
Key prohibitions for compliance u/Labour laws❌❌❌❌❌

1.Double employment prohibited u/Shops Act(ref.State Act) & Factories Act.sec.60.

2.Employment of children who did not attain the age of 15 yrs.prohibited u/ Shops Act( ref.relevant State Act) & Factories Act sec.67.

3.Contract labour prohibited in works of perennial nature.sec.10.CL(RA) Act.

4.Prohibition of deduction of wages not authorised u/sec.7 of the Payment of Wages Act.

5.Availing same benefits u/ESI & any other law prohibited Sec.53 of ESI Act.

6.Employment of women during the six month period post delivery prohibited Sec.4 of MB Act.

7.Termination of service prohibited during d period of ESI benefit ( sec.73, reg.98) n maternity benefit sec.12 of MB Act.

8.Employer's contribution to Pension prohibited after 58 yrs. of employees ( para(6A of EPS 95).

9.commencement of manufacturing process prohibited without certificate of stability Sec.6 rule. 3A of Maha.rules)

10.charging from employees for amenities provided u/ Fact.Act prohibited sec.114 Factories Act).

11.Deducting amount from employee's wages prohibited for granting maternity benefit sec.13 of MB Act)

12.Employment of interstate migrant workmen prohibited without certificate of registration.sec.6&25 of ISMW Act 79.

This list is provided for detailed reference by members u/each Act and is not exhaustive.

Any amendments/corrections welcome.
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