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How To Manage Employee Performance?

Greetings from Denmark. I am working for a Danish company called Plandisc who makes it easier for HR Employees to plan or manage employee performance.

Here is an example where you also can sign up for free:


If you want a Free Subscription for the tool, you can send me a mail on:


Best Regards,

Examining the performance of employees is one of the most crucial assignments of an organization. Whenever a new company is established, the organization designates a few yardsticks which become the standard or point of reference against which performance may be compared to an employee working in that organization? These sets of rules get delayed according to the task; a daily job assigned and, on the individual, examining their task.

Every employee is supposed to attain those goals irrespective of any circumstances. Monitoring performance of an employee or a team is an exhaustive business which needs to be resilient. The point is to understand how productive has an employee been throughout the year. Their performance may not be the best, but it should satisfy the company’s standards. When we think of productive, we are addressing the contribution that the employee had given the previous year in the development of the organization.

I would like to suggest Synergita for instance. Synergita is a cloud based employee management software that has incredible features. It practically makes your performance reviews easier.
Management in many organizations is fear-based. A manager only puts you on a Performance Improvement Plan when they want to get rid of you. Instead of a Performance Improvement Plan.
Techniques to Manage and Improve Employee Performance
Here are some ideas for managing and improving employee performance:
-Set clear expectations
-Train managers
-Utilize employee handbooks
-Consistently follow the company’s employee discipline policy
-Conduct regular and timely employee performance appraisals
-Prioritize employee development
-Give frequent and timely feedback
-Review company hiring procedures
-Ensure managers are being consistent in their application of company policies

You can check http://www.eilisys.com
Avoid them by following these 10 “golden” rules of effective management:
Be consistent. ...
Focus on clarity, accuracy and thoroughness in communication. ...
Set the goal of working as a team. ...
Publicly reward and recognize hard work. ...
Be the example. ...
Never go with 'one-size-fits-all.' ...
Remain as transparent as possible.
Employee performance is a crucial task for HR's in the organization.HR professionals should praise and provide feedback to employees in the moment, right where it impacts most.

Also a set of OKR ( Objectives & Key results ) should be defined & tracking on frequent basis should be done on achieving the defined OKR's for the respective employees.


Here are the sample Human Resource OKR examples which will help HR's to get an idea about how to define, set & manage OKR.

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