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Heart Based Hospitality
Heart-based Hospitality.
1. What is Customer Service Like at the Level of
Creating Truly Memorable Experiences and How Do You Create It?

There is now growing recognition in the hospitality industry that providing customer service
at the level of SOP-Customer Satisfaction is no longer acceptable, and that Creating Truly
Memorable Experiences (CTME) is the minimum standard. But what does service at this
level look like, and how do you create it?

CTME is a very spiritual and creative level of service, which has little to do with what one
encounters in so many 5-star hotels. It is not simply about improving standards, providing
more technology, and doing the same things even better. It is a level in which service is
infused with love, care, warmth, empathy, and creativity. Everything you do touches people’s
hearts, including mundane tasks, such as responding to “How are you?” and placing a cup of
coffee next to guest. Everything is a memorable experience.

You know when a hotel is providing service at the level of CTME because it’s in the eyes of
the leaders and staff, like in Celine Dione’s song The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”. It’s
in the body language, like in Ronan Keating’s song When You Say Nothing At All. The
leaders and staff feel about their guests like in The Corrs’ song Everybody Hurts Sometimes.

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