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Gratuity Eligibility while abroad
Dear Sir/Madam I am employed with an IT organization in India for five and half years. I have been transferred to a foreign country in this duration for about 2 years and returned to India. My HR mentions that I will not be eligible for Gratuity upon current resignation (after a total service of more than 5 years) as I have been transferred to a foreign country for 2 years and this resulted in a break of my service in India. And because of this I will not be eligible for gratuity. Kindly help me in letting me know if I am not eligible for Gratuity and how should I proceed next. -> I joined the company as part of the India employment and am now back from overseas from company's overseas division and part of the same company. -> Company in India has more than 500 -> I have never resigned from the company in this whole duration of 5 years -> I have been transferred to a foreign country in this period for about 2 years and receive the salary payslip as per the foreign country & pay the tax in the foreign country (no salary received in India and no tax paid in india during this period) I still consider to be part of this company for more than 5 years, irrespective of the transfer. Kindly help. Thanks a lot.
Dear Users,

I wanted to know about gratuity.
I worked for an Indian firm for 5 year 6 months in India and abroad(Singapore).
I worked in India for 3.5 months and then was transferred abroad where I worked for 2 years.so after 5.5 years I was let go from abroad due to changes in visa rules.

Please let me know how to get my gratuity(If applicable) and PF contributions.


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