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Does Organizations use employee performance management system?
(23-06-2017, 08:01 PM)Siddhant25us Wrote: Its obvious to check the performance criteria on regular basis, That helps to enhance the improvement areas and report the flaws. Most of the companies deals with performance basis criteria for growth in market, within teams of different divisions and also for increment of individuals.
We work with human-telligence portal, which is a cloud network to connect all the organisation members. Organization can take assessment and surveys for the performance of either individual teams or member, or overall organization growth. It also works for the network of jobseekers providing you the cultural and talent fit employees. Help understanding the employee engagement issues.

You can visit to get more information about the portal and how it work on surveys:
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Are you interested to introduce Employee Performance Management Software in your Organization?

Use Synergita. You can provide continuous feedback to your employees. When they get instant “thank you” and any appreciation notes as well as (critical comments), they will start feeling motivated. You will be able to move away from bell curve and bring in a real focus on employee performance.
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If you want to improve your team’s motivation, competency, and engagement, a performance management system can definitely do the trick. It’ll help your team members understand their objectives and expectations, and improve their relationship with their manager.
A performance management system is a mechanism for tracking the performance of employees consistently and measurably. It allows the company to ensure that employees and departments across the organization are working effectively towards achieving the business’ strategic goals. Successful businesses gain an advantage from having employees better aligned with corporate goals.
Every organization uses a performance management system for the following reasons:
1. Past performance details
2. Feedback mechanisms
3. Personal performance objectives for the future
4. Ratings and scores
5. Development plans
It is important to note that businesses are never satisfied. They can't be. Because the moment they do, another company will take the spot. Any long-term success in business is the result of systematic efficiency assessments, for both processes and team performance. Thus, making an employee performance management system a need for every business. If applied correctly, it can significantly help improve a company's overall business performance and strengthen its position in the marketplace.

We are integrating Ezzely in our workplace, a mobile intuitive app not only to measure employee performance but also to recognize, retain, train and reward employees. Employees get notified whenever there is a quick poll or new survey which they can participate anonymously. This way, business get higher response rates on employee surveys and create a feedback-rich culture.

This is a platform where business can nurture engagement among employees and leaders. Unlike other platforms available, this is a good investment in promoting engagement since the rate is fixed regardless of how many employees there are in your business. Keep your employees skilled and motivated through its built-in training courses and exciting reward functionality.

Discover what Ezzely have for your business today, visit https://www.ezzely.com/

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