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Any Good Software For Performance Management
I would like to recommend Synergita . It is a cloud-based SAAS software. Synergita streamlines performance management and employee engagement through continuous feedback. Here are a few benefits of using Synergita:
1. It is a simple and smooth employee portal.
2. You can drive high performance with SMART goals.
3. It helps you create a collaborative digital feedback culture.
4. It helps managers understand their employees better using the 360 Degree feedback metrics.
5. The rewards and recognition program helps in promoting employee engagement and talent retention.
6. It automates performance reviews.
7. You can motivate high potential employees using the HiPo score.
8. It leads to better employee development and high performance.
9. You can nurture employees using recommendation and skill training.
10. You can make your work environment people-friendly, using employee engagement surveys.
11. You can drive better employee engagement using email communication.
12. You can measure how your employees adhere to company core values.
13. Insightful analytics drives better decision making.

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