About Us

About us

HR SUCCESS TALK is an HR platform for HR professionals, managers at all levels, representative of top management and students to share the knowledge they have acquired from their experience other fellow members. At the same time, they can learn from others too.

This platform / website is to support a growing number of HR professionals; who are willing to make a difference in the field of HR.

This platform shares ideas through social media and have an interest in people management, skills and organisational development practices. Sharing HR expertise, case studies and articles that trend globally; promoting social learning and building a social network of HR experts.

Individuals must respect personal opinion and always seek to support.

We intend to touch each filed in HR especially as mentioned below:


  • Performance Management
  • Statutory Compliance and Industrial Relations
  • Training and Development
  • HRMIS(Human Resource Management Information System)
  • Human Resource Development and Management
  • Compensation, Taxation and Benefits
  • Employee Health and Safety
  • HR Discussions
  • HR Process, Form and Formats
  • HR Business

We have also created a forum to discuss HR related matters where members can ask their queries and share information with others. With the help of this forum, members also get updated information about HR.

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