7 Common Mistakes made by First Time Managers

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First time to transition in management is not just promotion and pay raise but also a shift in role in life where this shift required whole new skills. What are Common mistake I do when I be manager? I was very excited when I be shift to management grade as first time. I was excited because I was having power to make any change in, can make any impact more than anything I be role to guide to my employees in my team to bigger picture and batter things in life. But the challenge was for to figure this out how exactly I have to do that. In this whole process I definitely made mistakes lets lookout these mistake I do in career.

– I was trying to do things by myself

As an employee I was use to with tasks, had a to do list for that I was responsible for to get these things done. Now I don’t have list that guide my full day. Now being a manager I have to focus my efforts on helping my team to done their assignments. Now my success is with the success of my team. Its hard for me to no doing but coaching, supervision and guide my team.

– Micromanager I focus on details rather than Objectives

Being an individual role before a manager I was used to getting gripped in the details of any assignment. Track record of everything like to whom I emailed, call & documentation of my notes. But being manager its not possible for me to have such big details because now my team members are on it. But be micromanager which may be not good for me as well as for my team. Now I have to realize that I have to focus on big picture. I have to monitor now progress efficiently to keep my whole team on track toward achieving long term goals.

– Copying Others

Being manager I have to develop my own style which not easy and can’t magically going to happen. I have to work hard for it. I try to copy the same way its been managed before me. Than I have to develop my own management style which required time but at least its allow me to challenge status quo, gain potential and make an impact on the organization.

– Fake Promises

Being first time manager I wish to an effective leader which is admirable for team. I make promises I can’t keep. I fail to understand what it takes to actually follow through. Problem I try to close been there for a long time than I realize because of deep realistic reasons. So I got favor at first but after that its hard for me to keep it up.

-I miss Change Impacts

I forget to make some early changes which I can immediately; like to eliminate repetitive steps and process etc. like time wasting (ineffective) daily meetings which may be can give me a reputation for being a good manager who’s ready to make an impact on organization.

– Overthinking for a decision

Being first time manager I got decision paralysis I overthink every situation which delay and delay I forget that I choices I make don’t affect just me but my team and entire department. I don’t want to do mistakes or bad calls which make me paralysis so that I never made decision at all.

– Hold Back on

I was copying things are these was before me. I don’t want to start changing thing without sound knowledge of employees, department goals and teams needs. But its back fire me because without guidance my team be struggle fast so that they raise questions on me and my abilities to get things done.

•Becoming an effective, inspiring leader takes time. Its like a key to find out a balance between jumping in too fast and not jumping in at all. Between being eager to impact the team and staying realistic. I realize that its learning process to continually avoid these common mistakes so that I will be on my way to be a manager I want to be.

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